Summer's Gold
Summer's Gold
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Summer's Gold

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 Liquid Summer Vacation. Joyful adventures and limitless potential for fun. This oil feels like waking up on the 4th day of summer vacation to the sun shining on your face: giddy, and refreshed, energized and full of anticipation and ready to conquer the world. It feels like having your own personal piece of midsummer sunshine in a bottle.

  • For blasting away winter blues
  • Spectacular for sparking creativity and joy
  • Anoint your chest to open your heart center and fill it with liquid sunshine
  • Excellent for solar remediation
  • For remembering how magical this world is
  • For waking up to the magic and potential within
  • Will remind you what it felt like to walk into a scholastic book fair
  • An amazing midafternoon pick-me-up
  • Create the perfect summer day regardless of the weather
  • For bringing giddy, joyful, playful energy and childlike wonder into any situation
  • Made with jojoba oil, gold leaf, a maple leaf tied into a circle, and Saintt John’s wort on Saint John the Baptist’s feast day (the most magical night of the year).

This oil was one of the first we made, before we knew we would be offering these to the public, and so we only have a very small amount. It’s strong and beautiful and super friendly. So smash your S.A.D. to smithereens and mangle your winter madness to mush with this one time run of bottled summer sunshine.

Holding this oil as I write this on the longest night of the year, I feel warm and giddy. There’s an anticipation and joy in this oil and it comes through very clearly. I’m not exaggerating when I say Summer’s Gold feels like summer vacation or a scholastic book fair. I love both of those institutions and I would never sully their splendor by comparing them to something less than wondrous. I would like to say, near as we are to the holidays, that this oil feels like waking up on Christmas morning, but it doesn’t. 

The giddiness and joy and anticipation are all present but in different ratios and with alternate admixtures. The only thing that really fits the bill is the endless potential of a new summer day. No chores to do, no homework, no responsibilities other than maybe checking in with your parents before the sun goes down, enough money in your pocket to make anything you could possibly dream of happen and the blind optimism to believe that you really could do anything.

Optimism. That’s what it is; this oil, on top of the joy and energy and giddiness, bestows an abundance of optimism to those it touches that is rarely carried beyond middle school. That limitless potential comes down to believing we could do anything, before we were told otherwise, and this oil reminds us that the people who told us otherwise were and are and shall always remain, fucking wrong.

Stick it to the man by joyfully remembering that you still can do anything. The world IS magic. YOU are magic. Our potential is only limited by the bounds of our imagination. This oil expands those boundaries, and reminds us that we’ve always been able to make our dreams into realities. So shine on you crazy diamonds and let’s see how bright we all can be.

We breathe life into all of our oils, thus creating a living spirit whose sole purpose is to get bottled up, shipped out, and employed by you. The oils are living beings, and they are excited to work with you. 

How to use: We’ve found the best practice is to sit with each vial individually, connect with the mind, and ask how it can best augment your life or a particular circumstance you would like to work on, and go from there. We find these spirits to be eager, adaptable and responsive. 

Some of the ways we have used these oils: Anointing objects to use as talismans or magical tools, keeping the bottles with us and closed to receive their radiated energy, placing on altars as batteries or for boosting their particular qualities in your workings or living space, anointing ourselves to attune our energies to those of the spirit of the oils, and anointing candles to anchor the energies of the oil into the space. 

Price is for one half-ounce vial.