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A love potion, a bottle of bliss, Venus in all her radiance, this oil is to bring out the looooooooove in life!
  • For uplifting the spirit, reminding us that love is all around us
  • Excellent for ending petty arguments and rising above irritants 
  • For being more loving and understanding
  • When used before intimate encounters, it is excellent to enhance romance and increase sexual energy
  • For enhancing sex magic
  • For attracting love by becoming love 
  • For stopping you from shit-talking and judgement
  • For bringing a kindness and compassion, and patience to all situations
  • Created with wild rose hips (from the same Queen Rose as our Infinite Growth oil), King Apple seeds and leaves, copper leaf, citrine sand, rose absolute, and lots and lots of love energy. 

    During the creation of this oil, the last in the ritual, just before dawn during a full moon, a sudden burst of love energy blasted throughout the space. While in a trance state I am rarely attracted to anyone, including my partner, but suddenly, I was reminded of just how wonderful he is. I could do nothing but reach out to him and kiss him deeply, our love enhanced by the influence of the plant spirits who chose to work with us. 

    Created with rose hips collected from the Queen of Wild Roses located near our house, and apple seeds from the King Apple Tree she chose as her partner. Standing in their presence one can feel the deep love and respect they have for one another. The Queen is wild, fiery and powerful (we used her roses in our Infinite Growth oil), and King Apple does not try to control or tether her. He loves her wild, he supports her as she supports him. They grow together, enhancing each other, helping each other and loving each other more every day. 

My partner and I used this oil almost constantly as we both were experiencing rough Saturn transits, living in a confined space, feeling like we weren’t able to fully express ourselves and taking all of that out on each other. Within 30 seconds of anointing ourselves with this oil, we were suddenly laughing at how silly that argument was, both of us realizing how petty and irrational we were behaving. Instantly, we could transmute the anger, realizing what really mattered was the love between us, not any nonsense about the cats or the laundry or cleaning the bathroom. We use this oil all the time. 

We have also found that it helps to keep us from shit-talking, making it easy to have compassion and tolerance for those we usually cannooooooot stand. Patience, the oil says, we are all on our own journey and no matter where anyone else is on their path, we can STILL LOVE THEM. I mean, holy crap, right???? I wish I had this oil from birth! As someone who struggles with patience and tolerance, this oil is a lifesaver. 

If you find yourself in a codependent relationship, this oil will help you to love the other person and release fear around losing them to their addiction, health issues, or whatever other problems they may be walking through. When others try to manipulate you, this oil helps you to be able to recognize the manipulation, to not engage, and to still have love for the manipulator. Do you know any perpetual line-steppers? I do! And this oil will help you to see when they are trying to antagonize you and help you to just ignore it and still, LOVE THEM ANYWAY. 

This oil is also very useful in enhancing sexual experiences, if you use it with that intent. (It won’t get you all aroused the moment you put it on, unless you want it to do that. Using this oil with intent is very powerful.) We’ve found that it helps one to release sexual hangups and express oneself freely during sex, allowing each other to ask for what they want and to listen without judgement. It also enhances the feelings of physical contact, making every touch or kiss or brush seem supercharged with passion. We’ve found that it’s also excellent for adding an extra layer of thickness to sex magic, as you are bringing a supercharged, magically created element to an already supercharged magical ritual. Super Duper Charged!

This is an oil that embodies all aspects of love; platonic, romantic, sexual – from healthy relationships to toxic ones, this oil has got your back. An oil for learning to rise above, to become love, to radiate love and to find love everywhere you look. 

“Above all things, I believe in love. Love is like oxygen. love is a many-splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love!”  —Christian, Moulin Rouge

We breathe life into all of our oils, thus creating a living spirit whose sole purpose is to get bottled up, shipped out, and employed by you. The oils are living beings, and they are excited to work with you. 

How to use: We’ve found the best practice is to sit with each vial individually, connect with the mind, and ask how it can best augment your life or a particular circumstance you would like to work on, and go from there. We find these spirits to be eager, adaptable and responsive. 

Some of the ways we have used these oils: Anointing objects to use as talismans or magical tools, keeping the bottles with us and closed to receive their radiated energy, placing on altars as batteries or for boosting their particular qualities in your workings or living space, anointing ourselves to attune our energies to those of the spirit of the oils, and anointing candles to anchor the energies of the oil into the space. 

Price is for one half-ounce vial.