The Lion's Roar
The Lion's Roar
The Lion's Roar
The Lion's Roar
The Lion's Roar
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The Lion's Roar

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Fire, power, self-possession, sovereignty, and strength! The raw and unbridled power of the sun(flower). Confidence, courage, determination, sovereignty, power, limitless energy, and benevolence. The power to step into your true self and fucking slay. 

  • For being happy with and taking pride in yourself.
  • Immediate use elicits a feeling of joy and warmth. Ebullience and playfulness. Joy to be alive. 
  • Focus on the task at hand and a confidence in knowing what to do and how to do it.
  • For finding your self-confidence.
  • Shows you what’s holding you back, helps you recognize it, own it, and remove it so you can glow!
  • Especially good for those with dark pasts and trauma.
  • Helps to sift through all the drama of the past and let it go, stepping confidently into our true selves.
  • Aids in becoming the person you wish to be.
  • For drive and fire that is also grounded.
  • For being first in line.
  • For positive recognition.
  • For truly knowing yourself.
  • For solar eclipse remediation.
  • Overuse can potentially lead to arrogance and excess pitta or fire, and burning the candle at both ends.
  • Made with one gigantic sunflower and organic virgin avocado oil

Making this oil took me on a journey. A journey which began with harvesting the flower a few hours before dawn on the morning of a full moon. Getting the massive flower into the car was crazy intense. All the power of a basketball-sized sun moments before sunrise building up inside the car with nowhere to go. The flower looked at me with its orange eye, unblinking, unrelenting, and it read me to filth. The sunflower spirit saw into my soul and knew what they had to do.

Unsurprisingly, this oil is about self-confidence, but not just self-confidence, no. This oil is about stepping into your own power. About finding out who you are and doing it on purpose. This oil is about being yourself, unapologetically yourself.

When we are who we are supposed to be, we heal this world. Why? Because, we are a part of this world! Like the sunflower, just by being ourselves we change the world for the better. Sunflowers naturally do this. Just by growing, they suck toxins up out of the soil and improve the world they live in.

Back at my outdoor altar (a folding table), I was starting to make this oil. The sun was still below the horizon but the darkness was starting to lift. I tried to fit the sunflower into a jar, but it was too big.

I tried to gently work it into the jar, but it wouldn't budge. I thought about cutting it in half, but that idea was shot down immediately. I had to go inside and get a big bowl. "You should not try to fit in," said the sunflower. "Don't try to force yourself into becoming something smaller than who you really are. Be as big as you are supposed to." Lesson one.

Through all this faffing about, only two petals fell off of the sunflower, teaching us strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Lesson two.

At this point, a carnival of doubts started to parade through my head. Why couldn't I feel a strong connection with the spirit? Why was this different from the last oil I made? Am I doing it right? What am I doing wrong? Why am I even doing this? What right do I have to even think that someone like me could make a successful occult business?

STOP. I stopped what I was doing, took a breath and crossed myself. "What is it I need to know?" I asked. OOOOOHHHHHH. The reply was instant. I needed to find my own self-confidence in order to make this oil. I laughed. Of course! Of course the sunflower spirit would take me on this journey as a part of the empowerment process. Sunflower spirit wasn't going to empower this oil just because I asked them to; they had to show me. I found my confidence and I continued. Lesson three.

A surprise bonus for everyone involved, including myself is that this oil was born in the first rays of the morning sun on the day that the sun conjoined Regulus, the royal fixed star and heart of the lion Leo. This is not an astrological oil and makes no claims to be, we did not invoke the spirit of Regulus or the sun. That said, the fact that this oil was intuitively crafted during this event without any foreknowledge on our part, seems to indicate that there was big solar and leonine energy in the air at the time, regardless.

Avocado oil is the base for this, which is perfect to balance the pure fire coming off the sunflower and to ground this oil a bit. While sunflower's dosha is pitta (fire), avocado's is kapha (earth and water). And as I was breathing life into this oil, the very first bird of the day began to chirp, adding the vata dosha (air and ether) to the oil. So, while this is a fiery oil, it is also balanced enough so it doesn't just overwhelm the user immediately (like it did me, looking at the sunflower like the eye of Sauron inside the car).

In testing, we found that this oil helped people rise above petty work-related nonsense and stand up for themselves as and when they needed to. We also had reports of increased drive and energy along with a lightness and pervading sense of joy. We also had someone who woke themselves and significant other up in the middle of the night by shouting, “Lion’s Roar!!!” and then bursting into laughter and giggling themselves back to sleep. Confidence was boosted, smiles were widened, and oppressive bullshit was not tolerated. 

We breathe life into all of our oils, thus creating a living spirit whose sole purpose is to get bottled up, shipped out, and employed by you. The oils are living beings, and they are excited to work with you. 

How to use: We’ve found the best practice is to sit with each vial individually, connect with the mind, and ask how it can best augment your life or a particular circumstance you would like to work on, and go from there. We find these spirits to be eager, adaptable and responsive. 

Some of the ways we have used these oils: Anointing objects to use as talismans or magical tools, keeping the bottles with us and closed to receive their radiated energy, placing on altars as batteries or for boosting their particular qualities in your workings or living space, anointing ourselves to attune our energies to those of the spirit of the oils, and anointing candles to anchor the energies of the oil into the space. 

Price is for one half ounce vial.