Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans
Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans

Sun King - Queen Bee Talismans

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Glowing with the brilliance of the sun in its degree of exaltation these talismans radiate the honor and dignity of the Sun at its best. For shining a light on your positive traits, for receiving recognition for your work. The Sun King/ Bee Queen talismans will serve as a glowing crown as you build your empire. *5 available as of September 13th*

  • For empire building
  • For elevating your profile and raising your status
  • For drive and dedication, working towards your goals and blasting through any obstacles that stand in your way
  • for attracting wealth and drawing abundance
  • for solar remediation
  • to improve your work ethic
  • for general attraction, drawing people in who want to know you and help you on your journey
  • for self-confidence and knowing who you are. “Find out who you are and do it on purpose!”
  • for the healing energy of the sun and buzzing bee electricity, combined to help cleanse and heal those bits of you that keep you from being your best self

All the ingredients, each having received multiple empowerments:

  • 3 separate individually empowered takruts (sigils impressed on metal and rolled up) -

Sun King takrut
Bee Queen Takrut
our own master sigil takrut (which improves anything it’s incorporated into)

  • 3 separate types of pong powder (chalk powder created through mediumship)

Solar pong, created by drawing the sigil over and over while singing the Sun King song, as well as other solar pong created through mediumship
Bee Queen pong, created in the same fashion as the Sun King pong
and master sigil pong, again created in same manner as above

  • ground yellow and pink flowers offered to the Bee Spirit
  • one of our super-charged multi-empowered clay balls, ground
  • a deceased bee, found atop the beehive before our second bee empowerment
  • beeswax from the hive
  • two of our own super-charged, multi-empowered beeswax balls
  • empowered lemon juice and lemon peel
  • an empowered yellow flower bead, honey drop bead, and raw Oregon sunstone chip
  • three pieces of gold leaf
  • Wrapped in gold silk from our Solar altar, where it received many solar blessings over multiple years
  • anointed with our Summer’s Gold oil

These received six separate empowerments, two solar and two from the bee spirit, as well as an enlivening empowerment as everything was combined and life was breathed into each individual complete talisman, and THEN one more for all of the completed talismans.

 On the heels of a very intense Jupiter working while the sun was in it’s degree of exaltation in Aries, the Sun King talismans were born. As usual, we alerted the local land spirits that we would be doing some big magic so they could have the option of joining in or taking a walk for an hour or two if they so chose. We lit a coal, put a massive pile of frankincense on it and began.

First we called in the Road Openers; Ganesha, The Three Kings, The Crossroads Spirit, Ogum, and Exu. We called our guides and guardians to be with us and to move through us to be a part of the creation and empowerment of the separate parts of the amulet. And then we invoked the solar spirits who were extremely happy to take part in our ritual. We sang the Sun King song that Tyler received earlier that week (along with the design for the Sun King sigil), asked our guides and the solar spirits present to lend us their power, and the work began. The day was typically rainy at the start but as the solar energy began to swell, the sun parted the clouds and shone brightly through our basement window onto the altar.

The energy was electric, white hot, and joyful and our basement felt hot and dry for almost two weeks after the work had ended. Solar spirits of all sorts came through us to lend their power to these talismans specifically with the intent to bring health, wealth, joy, and honors to those who hold them. Wearing one as this is being written, I can feel the joyful crackle of solar energy fizzing in my fingertips.

Our guides kept the rambunctious and proud solar spirits on task and the power in the room was intense as they came through us, presenting as eagles, hyenas, soldiers, and indescribable chimeras using our bodies to move the golden solar energy into the talismans. We danced and sang and moved in strange ways as each spirit lent its own individual style to the empowerment.

Dancing and allowing the spirits to come through in their own ways seems to stir up and excite the energy in the ritual space. As the energy built to a climax there was stomping and shouting and shaking while giant pulses of pure sunshine blasted from our hands and was pushed into the talismans.

Did I mention it was intense?

At some point we grabbed a jug of water we had ritually collected from Blue Pool and started spraying it over the talismans. This water is glorious all on its own and had been empowered several times before this ceremony to enhance its joyful and abundant qualities. The Solar spirits delighted in this change of atmosphere and turned up the heat as if to prove their superiority circling and swirling around the talismans in a whirlpool of elemental fire.

When the talismans felt fully charged with this wealthy, joyous, and proud solar energy, we began to wind down. We thanked our guides and the spirits that came to assist us and let the talismans rest in the beam of sunshine hitting the altar. We asked the solar spirits still in the ritual space to continue the empowerment if they so chose and threw some more frankincense on the coal as an offering to them. We asked our road openers to seal the power inside the talismans so that one thousand years could go by and they would still crackle and shine with the joy, wealth, honor, and dignity of the sun in its degree of exaltation.

That was the first of two solar empowerments, both done while the sun was in its exalted sign of Aries. But that’s not all…

At the behest of the Bee Spirit , as well as one of our more vocal guides, the next empowerment was at our neighbor’s backyard beehive. We were told to balance the masculine solar energy of the Sun King with the glorious alchemy, industrious genius and femininity of the Bee Queen.

And so, on the 24th of April at sunrise on a Sunday, we bundled up and went out to the dormant beehive. We placed all the solar talismans we’d made in the weeks before and our magic balls on top of the slumbering hive surrounded by flowers and candles, and we invoked our amazing spirit teams. We both went into mediumship very quickly and started breathing the power of our guides and the spirits present into the talismans.

Sarah channeled the spirit of The Queen Bee and was buzzing around the hive blasting super-powered bee magic into the talismans and materia. I was receiving a lot of information on how best to empower the talismans from the guide who told us to do the Bee blessing. Shaking in full mediumship, my body was filled with the energy of joy and friendship, wealth and success and these blessings were smashed into the talismans. 

By the time the hour of the sun was over, the ritual had begun to wind down, we thanked our guides and the Bee spirit and the bees and we walked away to have some coffee and/or a nap.

That day we had our baby shower blessing in the backyard and for the vast majority of the party, the bees were dormant. And then, as the baby shower came to an end… The bees began swarming around the hive in a flurry of activity that we had never seen before. The bees were more active than we had seen so far that year.

Since the empowerment, our neighbor’s interest in the beehive has been invigorated. After a couple years of minimal work on the hive, he began cleaning and replacing various parts of the box and caring for the bees in a new way.

The hive is flourishing and truly buzzing with Bee Magic.

At the behest of our spirit guides, we couldn’t just leave it at one Bee Empowerment, could we? On Sunday during the sunniest sun hour in mid-afternoon, we blasted another bee empowerment into all the parts that went into these talismans. Are you keeping track? That’s FOUR, yes, FOUR empowerments before the final enlivening, plus one more after that! SIX TOTAL.

The finished Sun King & Bee Queen talismans include many magical ingredients that all received separate blessings and empowerments in addition to the one in which we breathe life and power into them individually before we seal them up, and a final empowerment after that.

In each sachet there will be a rolled up copper Sun King talisman, a rolled up brass Bee Queen talisman, a rolled copper master sigil, a raw Oregon sunstone chip, a honey drop bead, and a golden flower bead, as well as a piece of lemon peel. Inside the metal takruts (rolled up metal talismans) there is a mixture of solar powder created by ritually writing the Sun King sigil on a chalkboard while singing the Sun King song, Bee sigil powder prepared in a similar fashion but with a Bee Queen song, and our Master Sigil powder for an extra kick, powdered flowers from the Bee blessing, one of our super-empowered clay balls (powdered as well), combined with empowered lemon juice and special water collected from a power spot for one of our guides (Tamolitch Pool in Oregon). All of this is mixed together into a paste we then use to fill the center of our metal takruts. Then we took some beeswax from the hive (with permission from the bee spirit), as well as some of our own special beeswax, multi-empowered balls, and we sealed the ends with it. The fabric of the sachet is gold silk that rested on a working solar altar for two years absorbing bi-weekly solar devotions and rituals, and the tips of the sachet are anointed with our Summer’s Gold oil.
 If this seems like overkill, know that this is just how we roll at Lemmellia’s. We want people to be fucking floored by the power of our talismans and materia, and we stand by them. Overkill is the name of the game. Why just empower something once?  We have taken our queues on this from the Thai ajarns who leave items on their working altars for years absorbing daily blessings before they are sold or incorporated into amulets. Every ingredient in every talisman we make has been empowered before it goes in to the finished product for its final, individual empowerment and enlivening.
 In a trance with this talisman, we felt ourselves being showered in golden light. The goals we wish to accomplish swam to the forefront of our minds, as well as the obstacles standing in their way. The talisman spotted the problem and blasted it with buzzing bee electricity and the fire of the sun, clearing away the gunk standing between us and our goals.
 These talismans are heavy on the heat and solar energy, so keep track of your hydration. We’ve found that when we use these, we have to heavily increase our water intake. Also, if you already have a lot of fire in your natal chart or have a some pitta in your dosha, these can be quite warming on the skin. Tyler, who has no fire, can keep this on his person no problem. Sarah, who has a lot of fire, keeps them nearby in the workspace or in her purse when she wants to use them. Remember, the sun can sunburn. Overwork is possible and so is burnout, so pay attention to how you’re feeling and take breaks from the talisman as necessary.

Tyler received both a Sun King song and a Bee Queen song, both of which can be used as great ways to connect with the talisman and supercharge it even further when you receive it!




 A note on pricing: we’re a new business, and we want you to try our products. Check out what else is on the market out there, and you’ll find much higher prices for items that either haven't been empowered or have been empowered only once, and some that have simply been made on the planetary day and hour dedicated to that particular planetary spirit. Once we have a following, our prices will change. These first editions at these prices are a steal.
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Much Love,

Sarah and Tyler (and soon baby Z)