Ancestral Light
Ancestral Light
Ancestral Light
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Ancestral Light

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This is the sun at midnight. The light in the underworld. The psychopomp. This is the honey; alchemically forged solar elixir created in total darkness. Ancestral Light is made for working with your ancestors; for healing ancestral trauma and for working with the dead.

  • For healing ancestral trauma
  • Bringing light to darkness
  • For working with the dead and having increased confidence while doing so
  • For increasing spirit activity at your altar 
  • For connecting with your ancestors quickly
  • For communicating with the dead 
  • For offering to unwell ancestors, so they can heal 
  • Made with morning glory collected in the shade, a deceased bee that was found inside one of the morning glory blossoms, an owl feather discovered after dark on Saint John’s day, and organic olive oil

*This is a small batch and very limited so if it sounds like a good fit, best get it now.*

An oil made under the guidance and direction of one of my ancestors, this is an oil for the dead made by the dead. 

As I stared out the window, half here, half somewhere else, standing in front of my ancestor altar, all of a sudden an ancestor came to me, practically forcing me up and out of the house to go pick morning glory blossoms found in the shade. I was receiving so much information from this ancestor about what to use the oil for, how to make it and what to put in it, it was a lot to hear!

I continued plucking blossoms until I came across one that had a deceased bee inside of it. I checked to make sure the bee was actually dead, and then I decided to pick the flower, (well, my ancestor decided I should pick it). I didn’t want to use it, as I hadn't used anything besides plant material to make oils so far and I wasn't sure how it would feel to do it. 

My ancestor tells me to use it, that the dead insects are complicit in the whole thing, that their view of death is far different from ours, that by using the bee (or other insects and creatures), I would be giving them new life. I still felt uncomfortable, so I set that blossom aside and proceeded to place the others in the jar. All of a sudden I realized that the bee-flower was gone! In a trance, at the hand of my ancestor, I unwittingly placed it into the jar. I tried to find it, but the flowers were packed so tightly that I was just tearing them. At last, I relented, realizing that this was how this oil should be made. 

(Over the next several weeks I would encounter many more bee syncs, finally asking what the heck bees had to do with the dead. They answered, and now it makes a lot more sense why a bee should be in this oil. But, I’ll let you ask the bee spirit yourself.)

I went inside and before pouring oil into the jar, I placed a single owl feather inside, collected just after dark on Saint John’s day. A spirit closely associated with death gifted me a feather on one of the most magical days of the year, when the days are longest, nights shortest, and it just so happened to coincide with a full moon. Thank you, dear Owl, what a powerful gift! 

The bee travels from light to dark all day long, and they even look like light and dark. Morning glories are very much sun blossoms, but in the shade, they are transformed into underworld blossoms. The owl hunts at night even on the shortest nights of the year, and when all these elements combine, we are given an oil that gives us the opportunity to do the work we need to do in the underworld, while also keeping the torch aglow. 

This oil was left to gestate on my ancestor altar for months as I asked all of my healthy ancestors to empower this oil, to supercharge it for its intended purpose. 

In testing, we’ve found that the spirit contact is just about instant! After a move and many weeks of not making ancestor offerings, I anointed a candle with this oil and offered it to my ancestors. They showed up super-fast, and they were happy to see me! No shaming me or guilting me for falling behind on my offerings. They showed up and they showered me with love. Soon I was speaking with one in particular, the one who helped me make this oil, listening and learning about my ancestral line from her. This had never happened before, and it was beautiful. 

Other testers have found their spirit altars buzzing when they started to use this oil, overflowing with activity. Confidence in working with the dead has been boosted. One found that her living family was more loving when she used this oil, very nurturing and kind towards her, wanting to take care of her in a way she hadn’t experienced before. 

So, why even heal ancestral trauma? Why would it be relevant to you today? Well, speaking as someone who came from a whole mess of ancestral trauma, it will absolutely change your life. When I took time to heal that trauma, suddenly life improved immeasurably. We carry around trauma passed down for generations, and since many of us never learned the tradition of working with our ancestors, they are there, unwell, and that toxicity plays out in the lives of the living in the form of incurable health problems, addictions, disease, depression, abuse, and more. 

When you heal that, you heal the lives of all your living relatives. Your health improves, your magic improves, your relationships improve, your true path in life becomes illuminated. Plus, the more healthy ancestors you have by your side, the more they will help you succeed. They want you to succeed more than most any other spirits you can work with, because they are personally invested in your success. 

We breathe life into all of our oils, thus creating a living spirit whose sole purpose is to get bottled up, shipped out, and employed by you. The oils are living beings, and they are excited to work with you. 

How to use: We’ve found the best practice is to sit with each vial individually, connect with the mind, and ask how it can best augment your life or a particular circumstance you would like to work on, and go from there. We find these spirits to be eager, adaptable and responsive. 

Some of the ways we have used these oils: Anointing objects to use as talismans or magical tools, keeping the bottles with us and closed to receive their radiated energy, placing on altars as batteries or for boosting their particular qualities in your workings or living space, anointing ourselves to attune our energies to those of the spirit of the oils, and anointing candles to anchor the energies of the oil into the space. 

Price is for one half-ounce vial.