Friends & Favorites

Here is an ongoing list of all our magical friends and favorite magical resources. Either we know them personally or we are huge fans of theirs, and in the spirit of mutual flourishing, we are happy to include them on our website. *We are unaffiliated with all of them, we just love them and hope you'll love them too!*


Silver Star Shield by Yoa and Sioma

We loooooove this silver! We use it avidly and always have a bottle of the spray with us when we do our rituals, in the car, and in our bags whenever we travel. Anytime we are feeling under the weather, we start drinking their concentrate. Plus, the people who make it are amazing human beings and we wouldn't be where we are today without them. Haux!


What Magic is This? by Douglas Batchelor

There are so many magical podcasts out there, but because of the positivity Douglas radiates, this one shines. Buying a patreon membership from him is well worth it, introducing you to a whole community of like-minded, non-judgemental, supportive individuals. We are a part of many discord servers, but this one is our favorite. The WMIT community helped us to test our oils and supported the launch of this store. We are so fortunate to be a part of this group!


The Thai Occult by Peter Jenx

We have a ridiculous collection of amulets from Peter, and every single one is incredibly powerful. The amount of good fortune, wealth, protection and joy these have brought into our lives is immeasurable. SERIOUSLY. The amount of MONEY these have generated for us is, well, A LOT. There's no way to over-hype this - just check it out!


Sphere and Sundry by Kaitlin Coppock

If you are at our shop, then you most likely have been to S+S. The first magical item we ever purchased was from her, and we are avid collectors of all of her creations. They are potent and powerful, and they found us at a time when we weren't sure about all this magical stuff. Using her creations has changed our lives, and certainly helped to kick us onto our true life path. We probably wouldn't be doing magic for a living if we had tried any other magical item before hers.


Rune Soup by Gordon White

There is a lot said about Gordon White in the magical community these days, but the fact is, his podcast is what lead us to start practicing magic. The courses he puts up for premium members are incredibly well-researched and thorough, and the group journeys and intention groups are very powerful. The Rune Soup community is a vast ocean of practicing magical folk who are supportive and eager to connect. Gordon White is where we first heard the term mutual flourishing, and it's a big part of the reason why we created this Friends & Favorites page at all!


Glitchbottle by Alexander Eth

For deep dives into specific magical books and in-depth interviews with their authors, as well as prominent occultists from all walks of life and a multitude of different practices, we have found Alexander Eth's Glitchbottle podcast to be among the best. Mr. Eth is a brilliant host and seems to bring out the best in his guests. We have listened to every one of his fantastic episodes and have long been subscribers of his Patreon content, which is well worth the investment.