When will you ship my order?

We usually ship within 24 hours, sometimes up to three days. On rare occasions it may take longer.

Do you ship internationally?

YES! If we can find a carrier to get our oils to you then we will make it happen. If the website won’t let you place your order, just send us an email with your chosen items and we will tabulate shipping via your preferred courier and send you a paypal invoice for the total amount. Done.

Who designed your logo?

A wonderful artist out of the Ukraine named Benya Molodan. Find her on Instagram or Etsy. She does amazing custom artwork and is incredibly talented and easy to work with. We highly recommend her!

What's the deal with your packaging?

Glad you asked! We love the look and feel of simple, old school paper packaging. If we felt comfortable packing everything in brown paper, we would! As it is, we reuse all the bubble wrap we receive and do our best to reuse paper as stuffing. We print our descriptions on paper made of bagasse, the pulp that's leftover after extracting the juice from sugarcane. We'd love to switch to 100% bagasse and hemp paper, and mycelium padding, but so far it hasn't been easy to source. (However, we're sure it will get easier in the future, and if you have a hookup for these, please let us know!) Simple, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing. "Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of our favorite things!"

Do you offer advice or consultations about products on an individual basis?

Sometimes… Feel free to ask, it all depends on how busy we are at the moment. We already do divination before allowing purchase for a few of our more intense items to determine safety and whether it will be a good match. We are also more likely to offer this to customers with whom we have an ongoing relationship. 

Do you offer divinatory services like tarot?

Officially, not yet… but soon. If you want some divination send us an email and we’ll see. And again, we are more likely to do this kind of thing for established clients.

Do you offer custom work like talismans, charm bags, specially empowered materia, etc.?

Sometimes. Again, we’re more likely to offer this service to return customers but feel free to ask; spirit-lead innovation and creation is what we like best.

Why are you not better at this than you are currently?

It’s just the two of us here and while we’re both good at making magical oils and interacting with customers, we’re brand new to running an online business and so we may make mistakes. As salty-dog veterans of the service industry we can assure you that your kindness and understanding will be met with generosity and kindness in turn. This is our first business and the first time we’ve ever been able to decide not to serve someone based solely on their foul attitude. Rest assured we will not abuse this privilege, but believe me when I say that Big Karen Energy will not be tolerated here.